2016 m. birželio 14 d., antradienis

On the popular topics

This was inspired by the Orlando disaster and reactions to that by the media and the public.

First of all, let me tell you that I am not taking sides in the comment sections below the articles that presented the news. What I can tell just from minor observations is that so many of them are absolutely terrifying. I am very disappointed to be aware of the existence of the people who use their hands to both cuddle with kittens and write comments celebrating the terrible.

I would not normally write anything in support of the LGBT communities, I would not participate in or spectate at a Pride Parade of any kind. The same holds true with so many communities that I don't support, don't even care or know about at all. You can always find a community of some poetry lovers of some particular authors and ask me how I feel about their event that is taking place in my neighbourhood somewhere. I would say that I am not going to the event and I don't care about the community.  But here, I am somewhat forced to take sides.

I do feel the need to support the LGBT communities now as there is so much hatred expressed in their direction which is unjust. And such injustice is what I hate.

Funny thing is that there are only a few gay people I happen to know and I find them unpleasant to be around. Which is fine. But now as there are hordes of people so badly educated and misinformed that I feel that not supporting LGBT would automatically make me an asshole.

Some people argue that this is a matter of opinion. I find my personal experiences and opinion completely irrelevant when I find that there are such a great many people in my country holding on to their usually superstitious and ignorant beliefs and making horrifying comments online.

I seek a position that would express my uttermost contempt for the individuals that I was hoping were fewer until it very recently turned out I was mistaken.

I do believe it shout be a long term goal for our education system that such individuals would not exist. Children who can potentially become agressive haters must become educated or fail to survive. I hope it doesn't take centuries until our societies become educated at that level.

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