2016 m. birželio 1 d., trečiadienis


Another unhappy feline creature

Šį įrašą seks nelaimingų kačiukų nuotraukos iš mano apsilankymo Stambule. Tai nėra liūdniausi kačiukai. Galbūt kada parašysiu plačiau apie juos visus.

Sad kitten on the coast of Istanbul
Hello whatever. I'm writing in English today because I feel like it. Oh yes, I do understand people who have to worry about their audience. I fancy not facing this issue. I had quite a difficult day today. From early morning till 10 pm I had to drive here and there to do this and that. And all of this only because I now don't have much to do these weeks. Rest, we know, is for the weak, the elderly, the disabled, the children, the girls, kittens and so on. Even now when I have closed the door of my room to write this I  am getting called by my parents for whatever stuff they may need. How about I just ignore them.

It's very hot these days in Kaunas. And my blood pressure is shit when I stay on my feet the entire day. Medicine, we know, is for the weak, the elderly, the disabled, the children, the girls, kittens and so on. Rarely must I admit my occasional weaknesses. But I know it works this way. I accept the terms and conditions. We all do, right?

I've seen so many people today. Not that I like them so much. May they never know this of course. I must not be an honest man. Met a couple of new gyus the names of whom I hereby ought to remember. Those are fine. The people with whom I could magane a good professional relationship.

Sad kitten eating the breakfast of his enemy
When it comes to relationships. It is either very professional or something beyond my capacity for management and hatred. Some say, my future wife is very unlucky. This leads to a contradiction. It is not unlucky but absolutely stupid to make decision to marry a person like myself. Another thing is that I would consider it cruel of me to propose in the first place. Hence I would not propose giving her no option to commit such a magnificent failure.

I am both exaggerating and in progress of changing my personality in the future so as to become a more socially agreeable person. But as of today I still am tired and dour person. This word dour, I never knew English had such an accurate adjective to describe me.

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